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Definisi kata "ön":
+2 rate 1. atop; as a part of; toward; from
+1 rate 2. activated; turned on
rate 3. aviation Air Nauru (Nauru) - IATA: ON; ICAO: RON
rate 4. verb To mention again and again. For example: In his campaign speeches, Jones harps on his rival's wealth and powerful friends.
rate 5. adjectival phrase Very enthusiastic about someone or something. For example: It is well known that Queen Elizabeth is keen on horses.
rate 6. forth; ahead; while continuing
rate 7. religion pain
rate 8. force
rate 9. iniquity
rate 10. biblical On; Ancient holy city, Egypt. The city, which is now mainly ruins lying northeast of Cairo, was the seat of worship of the Egyptian sun god Ra. Its great temple of Ra was second in size only to that of Amon at Thebes and its priesthood wielded great influence. In the New Kingdom, the temple became the repository of royal records. The city's surviving monument is the obelisk of Sesostris I, the oldest in existence. Two obelisks erected there by Thutmose III and known as Cleopatra's Needles now stand on the Thames River embankment in London and in Central Park, New York City.
rate 11. Japanese: pronunciation, one of two alternate readings (the other is kun) for a kanji (Japanese: character). The ambiguity of a kanji arises from the fact that it has two values: the meaning of the original Chinese character and a Chinese pronunciation of the character. In the on reading the character is pronounced as it would be in Chinese and the sounds are interpreted as forming a Japanese word or part of a Japanese word.
rate 12. P O S S E S S I O N (preposition) (before pronoun) used to show when someone has something with them in their pocket or in a bag that they are carrying Have you got a spare cigarette on you? I thought I had my driving licence on me, but I must have left it at home.
rate 13. Used in the context of general equities. Conjunction that denotes trade execution /indication, usually during a pre-opening look. "Looks 6 on 6000 shares at opening."
rate 14. Originating Number
rate 15. The creator god of the Toda people from the Nilgeri Mountains in southern India. Together with his wife Pinakur he created the Toda and the buffalo. On also rules over Amnodr, the realm of death.
rate 16. Everquest Enchanter-specific term used in conjunction with any of a number of lull-related spells, which cause an NPC to become non-aggressive. On means that the NPC is not pacified and may be aggressive. e.g. "Watch that leg, he's still on." cf. lull, off.
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